March 2010

Ξ March 24, 2010 Ξ

During the month of March, Kappa Phi Lambda will be celebrating Spirit of the Phoenix Month. In honor of our national philanthropy, the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF), we are promoting women empowerment with our "I'm a a Woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me." campaign. Join us and become inspired, empowered, and desire to make a difference.

Ξ March 22, 2010 Ξ

Congratulations to our Xi Omicrons!
Welcome to our eternal sisterhood. Rock your letters and make us proud! Big thumbs up to Nina*Felicity and Laura*Beware as the Xi Omicron PEs. Congratulations to all the big sisters as well!

#63 Gina Rong *Ballistic* Big Sis: Phuong*Bebe
#64 Yusi Zhang *Tribeca* Big Sis: Veronica*Seville
#65 Annie Yao *Haute* Big Sis: Alison*Couture
#66 Judith Chang *Showcase* Big Sis: Alison*Couture

Our Spr 2010 newly crossed sisters at the front. Taken during Greek Olympics.

Go *Haute*! Our team was placed 2nd!

Ξ March 15, 2010 Ξ

A late congratulations to Jenny*Demoiselle on her romantic wedding over the weekend of 2/27! Our charters to Epsilons were in attendance to celebrate one of the most beautiful moments in life! Here's our blessing to the happy couple!

Xi Chapter sisters in Florida for the big day!

Ξ March 14, 2010 Ξ

We would like to thank Christina Chan, Vickie Nam, and everyone who attended our Spirit of the Phoenix dinner Friday night! Hope all of you enjoyed the food, conversation, and spirit! Good job Ariani and Lunette!

And special thanks to our UConn sisters for coming a long way!

Ξ March 9, 2010 Ξ

Wishing sisters everywhere a kappa-mazing day!

Ξ March 3, 2010 Ξ

Come one, come all to our Spirit of the Phoenix Dinner!
Hosted at the Cabral Center (WVF) on Fri 3/12 at 7 PM
Dress code: Semi-formal (no jeans)
Cost: $5

Spirit of the Phoenix Dinner

Join the Sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority for a night of Women Empowerment. In honor of our National Philanthropy NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum), we are holding a dinner for everyone and inviting guest performer Christina Chan and Author Vickie Nam.

Join us and become inspired, empowered, and desired to make a difference.

RSVP on facebook or contact our cultural chair: Haylee Thikeo *Ariani*

Ξ March 1, 2010 Ξ

Hope all NEU students are enjoying our early little spring break, in sunshine or the cold! The semester is half over already, let's see what us kappas have done so far:

Thanks to everyone who came out this Spring and special thanks to Lunette and Delphi for organizing it! If you missed it, there will be more free and guaranteed non-stop fun events coming up in the Fall! So look out for that :)
MLK Day of Service 1/18:
Kappas, along with 400 NEU students, ventured out to the snow-covered city for a day of exciting community service! Our stop was the arlington church where we packed over 1,000 sandwiches and lunches for the homeless. We separated into our little groups and went all over the greater Boston areas to distribute (while snowing!). Props to everyone who was involved in this annual service day!

Haiti Relief Fund Tabling 2/2-2/5:
We collected $106.40 from all the generous CSC pedestrians. Liberty Mutual is matching it! So we actually helped raised over $200!
Valentine's Day Fundraising Table:
Thanks to everyone who bought our cute little asian snacks, pins, and pencils! Xi chapter appreciates it!
Viet Tet 2/6:
With lunar new year, kappas dived into the festivities at the annual Viet Tet event in Dorchester.
Achieving Perfection 2/16:
Our first hosting cultural event of the semester. A night of Asian American body image exploration, along with Christina Chan and Judy Tso's theatrical piece "Bobby Pins Up Your Nose".
Greek Style Yoga 2/20-21:
Ever thought about doing yoga while helping others? We did! We brought in professional yoga instructor for the perfect weekend to stretch and donate to our national philanthropic organization: National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF). To find out more about their mission and how YOU can help, go onto their website!
Greek Mixer at Roxy Red 2/26:
A night of greek unity, brought to you by Boston area's aKDPhi, DYS, KPL, LFE, and PDPsi! Music, dancefloor, and popping the bottles!

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